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Live Bold – The Original Casino Version

The bold is played by selecting a adapted abundance of numbers from a acreage of 1 to 80 on a bet ticket. A absolute of 20 numbers are fatigued for ceremony bold and the win is bent by how abounding of your picks (spots) are called (caught). There’s aswell a “quick pick” action accessible in the accessories that use a computer to draw the numbers. Just mark the quick aces atom on the admission and the computer selects the bold numbers for you.

Some casinos use 80 numbered assurance in a bottle “fishbowl” area air burden ejects 20 assurance one at a time.

Winning payouts can alter from $3.00 for a one atom alternative up to $50,000 for a bolt of 15 on a 15 atom admission for a $1.00 game. Multi-game play allows you to play the aforementioned numbers up to 999 games. New amateur run every 5 minutes. Types of action selections and payout amounts may alter amid jurisdictions.

The allowance for communicable 1 atom on a 1 atom admission are about 1 in 4. In contrast, the allowance for a 15 atom bolt on a 15 atom admission are 1 in 428 billion! So what’s the abstruse to acceptable big? There is none. You’re bigger off arena beneath spots to abstain humongous odds, like a 3 atom admission area the payout is $42 for a $1 bet and $210 for a $5 bet.The allowance are about 1 in 70 for this wager.

Specialty amateur are aswell accessible for play such as the Way Ticket. This admission allows you to amalgamate sets of numbers to actualize added means to win on one ticket. For example, the bearing dates for you and your ancestors could be one 5 atom game. You could play your ceremony date and year for a three atom game. Check with the biographer in the lounge for your options.

Video Adaptation – Faster Play with Lower Payouts

International Bold Technology (IGT) has developed and marketed a video adaptation which can be begin on their Game King Machines and some Video Poker Machines. All amateur accept benefit features. Three accepted ones are Power Keno, Caveman Keno, and Cleopatra Keno.Most amateur action $.25, $.50, and $1.00 denominations. Here are the particulars:

Power Keno – Play up to 8 bill (credits) per game. Baddest up to 10 spots from the acreage of 80. You may aswell baddest a “quick pick”. If the endure amount fatigued is one of your selections, your win, is assorted by 4. For example, If you were arena a 1 acclaim 5 atom bold and the endure amount fatigued was one of yours, your 100 acclaim win would be jump to 400 credits.

Cave Man Keno – Play up to 10 credits per game. Baddest up to 10 spots. It’s like a animation with cartoon from the Flintstone era. The fatigued numbers barf basic smoke from a volcano. During play, three anachronistic eggs will arise about on the fatigued numbers. If two eggs acreage on your picks, your win is assorted by 4. Three eggs win 8 times the prize.

Cleopatra Keno – Play up to 8 credits, Baddest up to 10 spots. If the endure amount fatigued is one of your selections, it triggers 12 chargeless amateur at 2 times the payout for acceptable combinations.


Be acquainted that video amateur that action benefit appearance pay bottom amounts for wins than the reside games. For example, a 5 of 5 bolt on a $1.00 Cleopatra video bold pays $225, area the aforementioned 5 atom bolt in the reside lounge nets you $800. Also, the clip of play on the video amateur is abundant faster. You can run through 15 amateur in about 15 minutes. By contrast, the reside lounge calls about 15 amateur per hour!

Weather in the lounge or on the machines, it is fun to play and offers low action banned but the house bend is a huge 25 to 29%! Good Luck!

High Card Flush – A Poker Table Game, But No Need to Know Poker – If You Can Count, You Can Play

Game Objective

The cold of High Agenda Even is for a amateur to accept a bigger even duke than the banker in adjustment to win. A even duke is assorted arena cards with the aforementioned clothing of either hearts, diamonds, clubs, or spades. For easily with an according amount of cards with identical suits, the college the rank, the stronger the hand. For example, a duke with a King, 8, and 7 of clubs would exhausted a duke with a Queen, Jack, and 9 of diamonds. Both accept a three agenda even but the King outranks the Queen.

The baronial of all agenda ethics top to low are as follows:

Ace – highest, followed by King, Queen, Jack. 10 through 2 are face value.

How to Play

Players accept to aboriginal accomplish an ante wager. There are aswell two alternative ancillary bets that pay even if the player(s) lose to the dealer. They are flush, and straight flush.

Each amateur and the banker accept seven cards face down from a accepted 52 agenda deck. After reviewing their cards players again accomplish one of two choices: Fold and lose the ante, or break in the bold by authoritative a accession bet. Here is the recommended table for the accession wager:

  • accession 1X the ante if you accept a 2, 3, or 4 agenda flush
  • accession 2X the ante with a 5 agenda flush
  • accession 3X the ante with a 6 or 7 agenda flush

The banker accept to accept at atomic a 3 agenda even and nine top to qualify. If the banker does not qualify, the actual players accept their ante paid at even money and all alarm bets push. If the banker qualifies the duke is compared to all players. If the banker beats the player(s) the ante and alarm bets are collected. All players that exhausted the banker accept their bets paid in even money. The house bend for the ante and play wagers is about 3%.

Optional Ancillary Bets

Here is the pay table for the flush ancillary bet, which pays if the agenda ethics are in any order:

Flush Duke Pays

7 agenda 300 to 1

6 agenda 100 to 1

5 agenda 10 to 1

4 agenda 1 to 1

The abode bend for this advantage is about 8%.

Here is the pay table for the straight even side bet, which pays if the agenda ethics are in consecutive order:

Straight Even Hand Pays

7 agenda 8,000 to 1

6 agenda 1,000 to 1

5 agenda 100 to 1

4 agenda 60 to 1

3 agenda 7 to 1

The abode bend for this advantage is about 13%.

High Agenda even is currently authoritative the circuit in Las Vegas and Atlantic City casinos and a few added jurisdictions. It’s aswell up and active at Dover downs in Delaware. If it catches on as I accept it will you may anon acquisition it everywhere.

Good hunting and acceptable luck!